In and Out, November 28: fur vests and Christmas?


- Bath and Body Works Candles! Currently enamoured with the Marshmallow Fireside and Merry Mistletoe scents... they are 2 for $30 right now in Canada and plenty of $10 off coupons around so check those two out if you're in the mood for some new candles :)

- this photo of the "winter fair" that was set up in my hometown of Sibiu, Romania on the weekend. This is in the main square of the town and seeing it pop up on Facebook this morning just made my heart warm. It looks like a picture from a fairytale. I moved to Canada when I was 12 and I have since gone back to visit as much as I could, but only during the summer. This just brought back memories of my Christmases growing up and going carolling with my friends from grade school, things like that... so lovely.

- Christmas in general. My sweet, wonderful co-worker heard me mumbling something about how much I loved Michael Buble's Christmas carol renditions and she surprised me by getting me his new Christmas album. SO GOOD! I'm getting myself an advent calendar this week, lighting my candles and getting into the festive spirit!

- [faux] fur vests. I have 2 that I rotate, one is silvery gray with leopard-ish black spots, one is a warm beige/brown mix. They were both totally random steals - the gray one from Winners last year for about $40, the brown one from Value Village (!! scored it for $6 taxes included when I was there searching for Halloween costumes in '09). I wear them during the day over sweaters or plain T-shirts as well as at night accessorized with some bold jewelry or a belt, or over a feminine sheer blouse for a fun play with textures. If you are on the lookout for something similar, check this one out at Forever21!

someone pass me the blotting sheets because clearly I misplaced them lol


- this gross "Orange Pekoe" tea that I bought in bulk for the Tassimo hoping it was good. It's not. It tastes like poison. Trying to finish up the package so I can never repurchase it again.

- MAC Collections... "in honour of black friday we have re-issued our black lipstick!" ... have they totally missed the plot? Stop releasing 423984723892 new things/repromotes every week and focus on creating quality textures and innovative products. End rant.

- lipgloss hoarding. Makeup hoarding in general, but for some reason lipgloss is the main one I get mad at myself for because I rarely use it nowadays. Must use up some before they get stale - there's nothing more I hate than wasting money on a product that I don't use up - not because I don't love it but just because I'm lazy. You all know I enjoy using up my products rather than collecting them and it's time to focus on lipglosses, perhaps it will be a project in the making for December... stay tuned!