In and Out - rainy Wednesday


- all your skincare recommendations! Thank you.
I am dying to use up a couple of my current items which I still love and would repurchase, don't get me wrong - but I find that for me personally it is good to change things up every 3 months or so even if it's just one new product so that my skin continues to respond. Effaclar K is great but after a month of twice daily use, it stops doing its thing so I need to take breaks from it and revisit later.
Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant also seems to get a lot of love and it's just what I'm looking for so I'll be sure to check it out. Lactic Acid and Salicylic combined? Sign me up! haha

- another thing I've been obsessed with are these candles (well, candles in general) but my recent acquisitions by Voluspa have made me even happier. In Canada I got mine from my favourite bookstore, Chapters, and I've also purchased them from Nordstrom in the US and at Anthropologie before! They're a nice change from my usual Bath and Body Works bonanza. Their scents are a bit more sophisticated and complex and the tins are gorgeous! For my small bedroom, these little ones are perfect. I had a 3 wick one in my room before and it was toxic. They are also made of a coconut wax which is burns even cleaner than soy and it holds more fragrance. Score!

- the blog No More Dirty Looks (thanks to my reader Ana who mentioned them in a comment recently), it's a very popular blog and they even have a book out, but I just had never heard of it. If you are interested in dabbling with anything organic/natural (skincare and body care in particular), this blog is a great read and I've been reading it all morning.


- rain and lack of proper waterproof footwear.

- it's dark at 5 pm which has diminished my productivity immensely. YAWN.

Hope your day is fantastic :)