After months and months of deliberation (well not really, it was more like "man these things are so stupid" turned into "OMG NEED ONE NOW!11!!~*~") I finally bought myself a Pandora bracelet and I am mildly obsessed with it.
I would have loved to get the solid gold one but at $1400 a piece, that was not happening so I settled to what I think is the best fit for me - the solid silver. 
I don't know what made me change my mind and start loving these bracelets, it might be the fact that my good friend always wears hers and she leaves it only about 1/4 full so there's a lot of movement and fluidity. I personally don't like the look of them completely full of charms but anyway, I got the silver because I figure if I want to add gold, I can buy gold charms, if I want to switch it up and do solid silver and a particular colour stone - I can simply just add those types of charms.

Here she is (paired with my beloved Tiffany & Co. bead bracelet):

I call the charm the "squiggle mess", I was having a really bad day - a mess, if you will - so I figured it would be an appropriate first charm. It's silver coiled up with a hint of gold. All of Pandora's gold is solid 14K or 18K (which would explain the astronomical price of the gold version of this bracelet).

I really love it and I am excited to play with more of the charms. I think maybe a Christmas one would be cute for the season *big cheesy grin*

Happy weekend!!