The prettiest thing I ever did see - Laura Mercier Illuminator

What more could I ask for to cheer up a gloomy day than the most gorgeous piece of makeup I've seen all season?

When I opened up the package I so generously received from Laura Mercier's PR I am certain I heard the angels singing when I took a glimpse at this little container... the Laura Mercier Holiday 2011 Illuminator.

motion blur action for dramatic effect...

look. at. this. gorgerousness!!!!

I am well aware that "gorgeousness" isn't a word but if it was, this picture would be next to it the the dictionary. I tried hunting this down every since Tali blogged about it but every counter I hit was sold out -- so imagine my joy when I opened the package and saw this baby.
It just became available online at Sephora (LINK) but it is limited edition so don't hesitate. 
The texture of this is so smooth and refined. Almost too beautiful to touch but I stuck my paw in it anyway :)

A refined rose gold highlighting powder. I am planning on using this as eyeshadow too. The texture is definitely on par with Dior Amber Diamond but obviously darker and more rosy. 
You can build it up as eyeshadow or even to enhance the colour and dimension of an already rosy blush... or you can sheer it out on the cheekbones for a candle-lit glow.

I don't fall for highlighters often but when I do - it's gotta be amazing.
Next on the list is the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel liquid illuminator but I am going to need a tan for that - so it's on the summer list.

Are you a fan of highlighting powders? Highlighters in general? I don't think they're a necessity but every once in a while a little gem pops up - akin to this one or the Dior Amber Diamond - and it's a beautiful treat for any collection.