SandraNail Polish, Nails, jewelry

Slow Hands

SandraNail Polish, Nails, jewelry
I guess this can be a "hands of the day" post - title inspired by Interpol's song with the same title...
If you are like me, part of the "when in doubt, wear all black" brigade, then what better way to jazz up than with some metal and good nailpolish?

I busted out some of my favourite silver rings that I've collected from various trips back to the homeland (Romania, in case you were wondering ^_^ ), and a mix of bracelets - my current favourite combination of Pandora silver bracelet & 1 charm with the Tiffany's silver bead bracelet and my studded silver Forever21 bracelet to add a bit of edge.

As for my nails, I painted alternating nails with either Barry M Raspberry (the lighter colour) or Essie Angora Cardi. I've never done this before but I quite like how it turned out. Fun for the weekend.

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