Bundled up and currently loving...

The Christmas music is softly playing in the background, the decorations are slowly coming out of the storage room and I am counting down the days until I am done exams and can have a bit of peace of mind.
Just thought I'd share some things I am enjoying at the moment:

- infinity scarves
They are so easy to throw on and go, and so warm. Mine is from H&M and I got it last year.

makeup is almost exactly the same as the one in my "December Challenge FOTD" post, except with Chanel Safari and some matte shades from the Sleek Au Naturel pallete
- Philosophy shower gels
The little "Happy Birthday" bottle in the photo I got for free from Sephora in the summer as my birthday gift. I recently started using it and have really fallen for it. It smells like vanilla birthday cake, lathers well and leaves the skin soft and doesn't dry out the skin... so it enabled me to try more!
I nearly jumped for joy when I saw that my local The Bay department store has a Philosophy counter/section. Today I got a box with these 2 minis of their limited edition holiday gels Twinkle Berry and Holiday Lights Aglow. THEY SMELL SO GOOD.
They smell fruity and fresh, not really gourmand scents like the cake one. Holiday Lights Aglow is described as "winter green citrus". Twinkle Berry is "bright raspberry punch"; it also has some subtle shimmer throughout. I can't wait to use them :)
You can find them at Sephora online if you're interested or on the Philosophy site, where they ship internationally but for a pretty penny.

yum yum yum
- the first snow

I'm sure I will curse and hate snow come January when I'm stuck indoors and can't even get to my car, but for now seeing the first snowfall made me all happy and cozy feeling. I tried to capture it against the evergreen tree we have growing by my window but it just looks like gross long raindrops. Sorry.
(is there some sort of snowfall camera setting that I am missing? haha)