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Getting My Cake Face On

SandraLush, Masks, Skincare
When I was in the middle of final exam pre/holiday stress, I could feel my face getting aggravated and I could feel clogged pores brewing. So I took a little break, walked my butt over to LUSH and their fresh face mask stand. I was about to reach for my trusty Cosmetic Warrior mask (which I mentioned in videos before, it smells like hummus, garlic, and dirt) but then I felt adventurous and I opted for a new one instead - Cupcake.

Cupcake looks and smells a lot more appealing than Cosmetic Warrior. They are both geared towards oily skin with imperfections. Cupcake smells and looks exactly like chocolate cupcake batter with a bit of a minty earthy kick due to the clay inside and some of the plant extracts.

Unfortunately though, for me, Cupcake fell short. It did leave my face feeling very soft and clean, but it also dried it out too much, and the smell lingers onto the skin but just in a sickly sweet way, even after I wash my face of it twice. It didn't really improve the condition of my skin other than making it feel extra "clean", which is something I can accomplish just as easily and with less mess with my Clarisonic.

In conclusion, I won't be repurchasing this. You can give it a try if you're feeling adventurous - I do know of people who saw great results from this. For me, though, Cosmetic Warrior is my warrior of choice. That one didn't make my skin feel dry, and it actually left the skin luminous and bright due to the antioxidant power of the garlic in it. It may not look or smell as fabulous but it's dear to my heart :)

Have you been trying out any face masks lately?
I'm also LOVING the Dior HydraLife Rehydrating mask that I got a month ago, so keep an eye out for a post on that as well.

I'm a big fan of masks so I wouldn't mind your recommendations either.