In and Out - procrastination edition

I have a final tomorrow - a long, painful exam focused on the effect of various government policies on a nation's economy blah blah blah... so naturally I'm comprising this In/Out list instead.

- Tom Ford Black Orchid. Makes the cheapest clearance rack sweaters smell like you got them from the second floor of Saks Fifth Avenue (you know, the floor where they keep the fancy clothes and the shop assistants give you the evil glare as you shuffle your feet past the CHANEL boutique door.)

- this dog. Apparently his name is Boo and he has a website. And he's real. If this photo doesn't make you want to cry, smile and want to hug your grandmother at the same time then you're probably not as weird as I am haha... but come on... just look at that face and that fur. He looks like a baby bear.

- the stack of books I'm excited to read this winter break: and Chapters have kept me a busy bee this season. I got some great gifts for people and for myself. 

- Watching my favourite holiday films with friends.

- Peppermint mochas


- me procrastinating. Must stop this and get back to work. Hope you had a great weekend! xox