Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc: Bamboo White

First Gay Ponies now this? 2015 is shaping up to be quite and exciting year for my nails. I was super excited when the limited edition Victoria Beckham collection for Nails Inc. was announced because I love me some Posh Spice and the collection was just perfect. It's a 2 piece collection housed in gorgeous matte sleek bottles - Bamboo White, a creamy bone white housed in a black bottle and Jungle Red, a tomato red housed in a white bottle.

I opted for Bamboo White since I own more tomato reds than I like to admit. The packaging is beautiful. It came in a gorgeous sleek (and huge) white box. The bottle is matte black with clear windows on the side so you can see the color of the polish. The polishes retail for $25 (I got mine from Sephora). This is $11 more than the regular Nails Inc nail polishes but the formula and brush is lovely. Very similar to Dior nail polishes, which are in the same price point. 

The colour is a gorgeous cloudy white - almost a bone shade. I initially thought that this polish would lean more pastel pink and would be a good dupe for Essie Fiji (which is horrendous in application) but this is definitely more muted and less of a stark white. Application was awesome, as all Nails Inc polishes go. In the photo above I am wearing it with two coats. The brush is rather large but it deposits the perfect amount of colour for a good coat. The finish is high shine. If you're looking for a nail polish treat, this is a perfect option. I can see myself wearing this colour all the time, and especially this time of year when spring is on the (distant) horizon :)

Will you be picking anything up from this collection? Nails Inc by Victoria Beckham is available online at and retails for $25.