Bathtime Favorites

The darkness and cold of winter can only be soothed in two ways: 

1) go on vacation 
2) take a bath

 RICA Soaking Stones "Gardenia Valencia", Fresh Sugar Lemon Sugar Cubes For The Bath

RICA Soaking Stones "Gardenia Valencia", Fresh Sugar Lemon Sugar Cubes For The Bath

I'm still suffering from post-holiday blues so the latter is my only consolation at this point. I wanted to share some of my absolute favourite bath products as of late. I really got into baths this winter, more than ever before. I went through a brief Lush phase and while the bubble bars and bath bombs are fun, constantly having to replenish them and storage can be a pain. I resort to more simple space-saving options such as the RICA Soakin Stones or the Fresh Sugar Cubes. They both work in similar ways, smell incredible and result in a relaxing, luxurious and skin-softening bathing experience. 

The RICA Bath & Body Soaking Stones are a bit more of a boutique buy. I found them at a local spa and they were $36 for the 16oz jar. Select Crate and Barrel or West Elm locations carry the brand along with local spas/boutiques. You can use the store selector on their website to find a stockist near you or you can order online. I prefer their soaking stones as opposed to the regular bath salts (I've tried both) because my favourite scent, Gardenia Valencia, only comes in soaking stone format. It's the same concept as a bath salt except since the stones are larger you only need to throw in a few in the bath for the same effect. It's less messy although they do take longer to dissolve, which is why I like to throw them in at the beginning of drawing the bath. The scent is a beautiful light floral that isn't overpowering but enough to make you feel nice and relaxed. The stones also make the water and your skin incredibly soft and moisturized. 

The Fresh Sugar Cubes for the bath are similar - the scent is the classic invigorating sugary lemon scent that Fresh is famous for. It is stronger in scent than the soaking stones mentioned before. It's also a fun and less messy alternative to bath salts... you just pop in 2-4 of the cubes (depending on the size of your tub) and they fizz leaving the water smelling amazing, feeling super soft and slightly milky. I got them from Sephora, they retail for $38 and also come in a Lychee scent!

Are you a bath or a shower person? What are your favourite products to use in either?