Current Fave Vitamin C Serum

Current Fave Vitamin C Serum

I have been dabbling with Vitamin C products here and there since I keep reading about its benefits in skincare. Vitamin C is proven to help brighten skin, fade hyperpigmentation and protect from sun damage. A Vitamin C serum seems like the perfect addition to one's morning skincare routine, doesn't it?

Enter the Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum. I was sent this a month ago, have wedged it into my morning skincare routine and I am loving the results. This serum is part of Murad's Environmental Shield range - a great range that I have used before. I previously bought and liked both the Essential-C Daytime Moisturizer and the Intensive-C Radiance Peel.

murad advanced active radiance serum

The Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum comes in a sturdy airtight container with pump dispenser. You get 15mL of product and a little does go a long way - I use about 1 pump and a half to cover my entire face and neck area. I apply this after cleansing & toning, before moisturizer/sunscreen/primer/whatever I feel like applying on my face that day. It has a slight cooling effect on the skin, and it sinks in super quickly. It has a gel-like consistency and for my oily/combination skin I find that it is often hydrating enough on its own and I go straight in with sunscreen afterwards, skipping moisturizer. If you're more normal-dry, you will want to follow up with your favorite daytime moisturizer.

I have found that my skin just overall looks brighter since using this. It hasn't affected my breakouts (it didn't stop my monthly hormonal breakouts nor did it make my breakouts worse) and it does help fade post-acne marks quicker. It's a killer combination with the P50 acid toner I use at night and I haven't seen my skin look this good in ages. You can see me in all my makeup-free glory in my recent makeup tutorials of vlogs over on my YouTube channel

I highly recommend giving this a shot if you're on the market for a new daytime serum and suffer from hyperpigmentation. At $90 this is not cheap but it did make a more visible improvement to my overall complexion than pricier products on the market (*cough* Sunday Riley Luna *cough*).

Murad Canada is offering complimentary shipping on all orders with code SANDRA, you can shop my top picks here!