Le Labo Lovin'

I was virtually introduced to Le Labo, a fine New York-based fragrance company, by Into The Gloss. I was physically introduced to it when my friend Dena bought the Santal 33 fragrance oil last year when we were in Chicago for her bachelorette party. My nose fell in love and the rest is history.

They hand-blend each fragrance on site when you go buy it from one of their stores (or counter locations), they customize your label and the décor of the store is bad ass. It all adds up to an unforgettable retail experience. All their fragrances are unisex and come in oil, balm or standard eau de parfum form. If you purchase an eau de parfum, you can get your bottle refilled at a discount. They also make candles, body wash and lotion and their most popular fragrances can also be found in fancy laundry detergent courtesy of The Laundress.

When I saw that the Le Labo store in Los Angeles was a couple of blocks away from my hotel, I had to take a peek. They make a special LA-edition fragrance called Musc 25 that you can only buy in the LA store, and it smelled incredible. If you are a fan of the Kiehl’s Musk scent, Musc 25 is a similar but more refined and long-lasting version. My boyfriend fell in love with it too, so we bought a bottle, along with Rose 31 which smells super spicy and smoky on me (not really like roses). I’d like to come up with a cute story of how we wanted each other’s names on our fragrance bottles but alas – the dude that mixed them just switched up our names by accident.
I love buying a special new fragrance to commemorate a trip; Musc 25 and Rose 31 were the perfect memories to make in LA. If you are interested in Le Labo but can't find a store that carries the products near you, check them out online here

What is the best fragrance you purchased on vacation?