Comfort Zones

There's been a bit of a cream eyeshadow love affair going on over here during the last few weeks. Today I made the groundbreaking (lulz) decision to mix two faves: By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock and Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in #10. All sorts of glorious things happened:

By Terry Misty Rock offers a gorgeous shimmery taupe plum base, Armani #11 Rose Ashes Eye Tint brightens up the centre of the eyelid with a subtle glow and a tiny bit of Burberry Mulberry eyeshadow darkens the outer corner.

I'll be keeping this combo on heavy rotation. It was ridiculously easy - the cream products were applied with fingertips, the Burberry shade was applied with a crease brush - and it lasted well throughout the day.

I ditched the eyeliner because I've been enjoying the extra lid space I get as a result. 

Do you mix your cream eyeshadows? What are some of your go-to combinations?