Drop It Like It's Hot

Vitamin C and Vitamin D are great for your skin. If you're looking to fight aging, brighten hyperpigmentation and overall improve tone and texture, look no further than adding these to your skincare arsenal. Dr. Brandt recently released versions of each super-powered vitamin rich formula, designed to work with your existing skincare routine: Power Dose C (boasting a 20% Vitamin C content) and Power Dose D (claims to give you all the youthful skin benefits from Vitamin D minus the sun damage). 

Directions suggest using 4-5 drops of whichever Power Dose you choose - I use 2 drops of each 'cause why not - drop them in your moisturizer of choice, morning and night. You can add it to your morning serum, add to your sunscreen or to add your face cream at night. They blend in effortlessly and leave no greasy or sticky residue behind, and a little goes a long way. This is how much I've used up after daily use for 3 weeks - albeit I used the C drops morning and night sometimes and skipped the D. 

I've tried mixing them with a more gel-like serum as well as a heavier cream and it still worked like a charm. They also don't smell like anything. Hurray!
(#NeverForget the Paula's Choice Vitamin C serum that smelled like deli meat)

I love the versatility of the Power Dose drops and how easy they are to integrate into my routine. They are just over half an ounce each (55ml) making them perfect for travel. They are pricy, but the formulas are great, concentrations are potent while not being irritating, and you're guaranteed them to stay fresh by the time you use them up. 

Vitamin C in skincare has worked well for me before (this Murad serum is awesome, a bit more aggressive than the Power Dose) so I am always looking for the latest fix. It's notorious for going bad after a short amount of time due to how volatile it is, so a large jar doesn't always guarantee you efficacy.  Vitamin C is a fantastic ingredient in terms of improving overall skin tone. It doesn't work miracles on localized post-acne scarring, but for any sun spots or an overall more even tone, Vitamin C shouldn't be overlooked. It also helps protect against free-radicals when you use it during the day.  I'm new to the concept of Vitamin D in skincare but the anti-aging benefits sound promising, so I will happily join the bandwagon and we'll see how I look once I power through the little bottles.

If you'd like to add some fabulousness into your skincare routine, you can get Dr. Brandt Power Drops at Dermstore, Ulta or Sephora and drop it like it's hot :)