Kat's Not Kidding Around

Under-eye creams and potions rarely impress me. I generally get by with packets of free samples and little deluxe tubs of Fresh Age Delay Concentrate that I hoard from my Sephora trips. I haven’t been loyal to a particular under-eye cream in a long time… until I tried the Kat Burki Rosehip Intense Recovery Eye Serum. It’s lightweight, powerful and has helped smoothen out the texture of my under-eye area. It hydrates without feeling greasy (my under-eye area is normal and sensitive), sinks in to the skin quickly and can be used morning and night.

 One pump of product

One pump of product

I love the fact that it comes in an airtight pump – no contamination risks and chances of it oxidizing are small. I only apply about half a pump under both my eyes at night, in the morning if I need a little extra TLC I will reapply and then follow up with the Onomie A.C.E. Highlighting treatment (reviewed here). 

I haven’t been this happy with my under-eye skincare routine in… well… forever!

I highly recommend you check out Kat Burki for your under-eye skincare needs. The serum is perfect if you are prone to milia and can’t handle richer eye creams, and if you’re looking to smoothen the look of fine lines and improve skin texture under the eyes in a gentle way. They do make a richer eye cream if you are very dry and need something a bit more heavy duty to keep your under-eyes hydrated.

You can find Kat Burki at Nordstrom, Murale (Canada), and SpaceNK.

Have you found your holy grail eye treatment yet?