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BLITHE Patting Water Pack

BLITHE Patting Water Pack

When the lovely people at Glow Recipe sent over a couple of their most coveted Korean skincare products, this one instantly caught my eye. I remembered an article about patting water packs on Into The Gloss and had been wondering about their efficacy since. I've been pleasantly surprised by this.

Blithe makes three versions of this Patting Water Pack - and I have tested out the Soothing & Healing Green Tea version. It is geared towards oily/combination skin types and boasts pore-tightening and clarifying properties. Think of it as a gentle acid toner, but with a water boost.

The suggested application method as per the packaging is to dilute a capful of the toner with 1/3 of a sink filled with water, then take some of the watery mixture and pat it repeatedly into the skin and letting your skin air dry afterwards. I was not a fan of this technique as it seems rather wasteful. I prefer using just 1/2 of the cap of toner spilled on wet hands and then patting it onto wet freshly cleansed skin. I pat pat pat for about 3 minutes then let my face air dry. Letting your face air dry is key here. It really does work and leave your skin feeling incredibly fresh and tightened by the time it dries. Tight in a firmed, pore-refined way, not in a drying way.

Into The Gloss suggests applying half a cap onto wet skin in the shower, patting it in, and then patting in some water afterwards - so that's another option to explore.

After patting and splashing my face into oblivion, I then apply a hyaluronic acid-rich moisturizer or serum and I'm on my merry way. I love switching it up with an entirely different (yet still familiar) type of product. Korean beauty products have been offering a gentle yet much-needed refresh in my daily skincare routine. Glow Recipe curates the latest and greatest in K beauty and it's worth checking out if you're curious.