Walk The Line

I’ve been an avid fan of eyeliner pencils for as long as I’ve been wearing makeup. Even my mother, who hardly wears any makeup, will not give up her kohl pencils. While a good black pencil liner is a staple in any makeup collection, today I want to veer from the familiar dark standard and share my favorite off-black liner pencils:

Burberry Midnight Ash (discontinued)
It’s more interesting than your typical charcoal shade in that it has the most gorgeous shimmer running through it. It’s not chunky glitter and it does not irritate my eyes. The pencil is firm yet doesn’t drag when applied across the lash line. I love sharpening it and then doing a slight winged line – it’s perfect for those days where I want a winged line but don’t want to commit to the intensity of a black liquid liner. 

Marc Jacobs Highliner - Th(Ink)
Speaking of lasting power, the Marc Jacobs Highliner formula is top notch in that department. They glide on, can be smudged out with ease and they don’t budge. Also lasts well on the waterline *prayer hands emoji*. I opted for this dark navy blue color which I love wearing in the summer with a bronzy gold cream eyeshadow. It’s as adventurous as I get with “coloured” eye products. The only downside is that it is not a traditional pencil that you sharpen, it is a roll-up pencil and it gets dull quick. It does come with a little sharpening tool but I have a hard time using it.

Marc Jacobs Fineliner - Blacquer(Berry)
The slimmer, detail-oriented sister of the Highliner. This rich dark eggplant shade is gorgeous and the formula and application is perfect for getting right into the lash line. Also great for waterline lining - stays put all day. These days I actually use the fine tip it has to create a soft winged line. The formula is just as long lasting as the Marc Jacobs Highliner formula albeit with slimmer packaging and no need to sharpen. Only downside? Once you roll it up you can't roll it back down, so make sure not to over-roll it and only roll up the amount of eyeliner you need.

MAC Teddy Eye Kohl
A classic. I bet that this shade is in every makeup artist's kit. It's a stunning rich bronzy brown with shimmer running through it. The lasting power isn't as spectacular as Marc Jacobs liners (at least not on my oily eyelids) but the colour is gorgeous and easy to work with. I like that the pencil is firm and not a melty creamy pencil. I love to wear this with a smoky brown eyeshadow, smudged along the upper and lower lash lines. It gives a perfect effortless smoky brown eye.

Dior Waterproof Eye Pencil - Intense Brown
A more long lasting, matte brown eyeliner pencil than offerings from Urban Decay. The pigmentation is fantastic and you can get precise winged liner to stay put all day because of the great formula. It's a very rich brown shade and once it sets, it lasts all day. You can also smudge it out for a softer smoky effect. As you can tell, this one is very well loved! 

What are your favorite off-black eyeliners?