Enamoured with Amoureux

I had an intensive makeup clear-out last weekend, and it felt great to get rid of products. Some were used up products that I had saved for an EMPTIES video (watch it here) and others were old AF and needed to hit the garbage bin. I was left with a gap that I rushed to fill... and what better thing to fill the gap with than with a new lip product?

Every brand is jumping on the bandwagon and creating matte liquid lipsticks for us to indulge in. CHANEL is the latest brand to join the trend with their recently released Rouge Allure Ink formula. I had just finished up one of my go-to everyday nude lipsticks, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy, so I felt compelled to replace it with an everyday nude lipstick shade from the new Rouge Allure Ink formula. Here comes shade #140, Amoureux.

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Awesome and Affordable Micellar Waters

Guys, I'm sad to say this but after many years of love and commitment I have broken up with Bioderma Sensibio micellar water. The times have changed, Bioderma. You are no longer running the show. The drugstore and Sephora shelves are lined to the brim with comparable options at cheaper price points that I have been more than happy to explore.

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