Diving Into Fall Makeup

Diving Into Fall Makeup

Light your favorite Bath & Body Works candle and get the pumpkin spice latte ready because it’s here. FALL. IS. HERE. I was wearing shorts and sandals just a mere week ago and now it’s like someone hit the switch and boom - another season. I’m still in the process of taking out my knitwear from storage but I am more than ready to dip into the warm rusty brown and red tones of fall makeup.

fall makeup flatlay
fall makeup

I was so smitten with the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette when it launched last year and wore it consistently that summer. Unfortunately due to the constant bombardment of new products it got lost in the shuffle and I hadn’t shown it any love in quite a while. I rediscovered it and had a lot of fun going more heavy-handed with the deeper rusty shades in the palette. I know “they” say to either pick the eyes or the lips when you go bold but you know what I thing? Beauty has no rules. Do whatever makes you feel good, whether it’s beauty editor approved or not. I quite liked the juxtaposition of the red tones in the makeup with the crisp outfit. You can see my tutorial on the look here:

My white button-up shirt is another Winners find - it seems like every single one of my recent favourite outfits has included something from that store and I’m not mad about it. I end up finding something cute every time I go there (hence why I don’t go there that often haha).

The lipstick is “Be Mine” from By Terry’s Rouge Expert Click Stick range. I like By Terry products a lot - the foundations are excellent and the colour products are always presented in such a beautiful way and with such care. Their cult classic Baume De Rose is the most expensive lip balm I’ve ever tried but it always felt like such a delight when I used it. The Rouge Expert Click Stick is an innovative lipstick in packaging akin to that of a mechanical pencil; you click the bottom of the stick to push the product out but once the pigmented lipstick part is out, it cannot be pushed back in so only push out what you use on your lips. I love the formula - it’s super pigmented, it glides easily across the lips and it wears beautifully throughout the day. The only thing I don’t love is the scent - it is very heavily fragranced and it also tastes like roses. It can be quite overwhelming especially if you’re more sensitive to scent.

red lipstick edit

I’m ready to rekindle my love for red lipstick this month so I set up a little personal challenge to use each one of my red lipsticks at least once throughout October. I’m hoping this will get me to rediscover forgotten favourites as well as help edit down my collection if I come across something that no longer suits my makeup style. Stay tuned for an upcoming post of my experience and feel free to bust out all your red lipsticks and show them some love this month!