The Little Serum That Could, Part II

The Little Serum That Could, Part II

Serums are my favorite skincare items. It's a crucial step in my skincare routine year-round, both morning and night. A good serum is lightweight but potent, with good ingredients and a texture that is enjoyable to use. Enter Kat Burki's Rose Hip Revitalizing Serum - it ticks all the boxes. 

kat burki rosehip serum

Let's get the uncomfortable bit out of the way first - this is expensive. I recommend snatching it during a Dermstore sale. Their anniversary sale is 25% off and they often have 20% off promos throughout the year. You can also pick it up after collecting some Nordstrom Notes to ease the pain. 

kat burki serum

The good part is that this is an absolutely gorgeous serum containing Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, glycerin and a plethora of other hydrating and soothing ingredients. What does this mean for your skin? It means that it will help brighten, firm, hydrate and reduce hyperpigmentation over time. 

The texture is incredibly lightweight and easy to spread. All I need is 1-2 pumps to over my entire face and neck. It plays nicely with other moisturizers during the day as well as my face oils in the evening. It does not leave my skin feeling greasy or weighed down, and it does not have an offensive scent. Kat Burki products all contain cold-pressed and cold-poured oils which is meant to better preserve the integrity of the natural ingredients. You can check out this video in which I mix it in with a liquid highlighter to create a glowing complexion prior to makeup application:

If you're looking for an anti-aging serum and have the cash to invest, this is a fabulous option. I would especially recommend this if you are a fan of Chantecaille Vital Essence - it reminds me of that product but with an even better texture and more tangible results. My skin hasn't been this calm and radiant in... forever. 

Do you like to invest in serums or have you found something magical that's easy on the wallet and delivers great results? Please share!