Kypris Cleanser Concentrate

Now you see it, now you don’t!
I bought this cleanser by Kypris a few months ago and got so caught up in its loveliness that I am almost out of it and I never got to post my review of it. It’s time to let you know my thoughts. 

The Kypris Cleanser Concentrate is a potted cream cleanser that smells divine - it’s a rich herbal floral scent, though, so if you’re not a flower power kinda gal you might not like. It glides over the skin with ease and rinses off leaving the skin feeling clean, hydrated and comfortable. It contains moringa, prickly pear and probiotics to provide a very gentle yet skin-softening cleanse. I’ve been using this as a morning cleanser every single day since I got it. It’s lovely. I tried to use it to remove makeup once, just for reference, and while it did do a semi decent job, I would definitely categorize this as a morning cleanser/second cleanse in the PM. 

Kypris is an all natural brand and they do not use any preservatives in their products – so be wary of that. This cleanser has a 3 month lifespan once you open it so if you are willing to invest, you need to be loyal to it. You get 90-100 cleanses out of this little pot. While I am not the biggest fan of potted packaging, I deal with it when the product is good enough. I open it up and scoop out a bit of product with my (clean) index finger. If we’re talking coins, I’d say it’s about a dime-sized amount... whatever I was able to scoop out with my index finger. The website recommends a “pearl-sized dollop” but I found that I needed a bit more than that to get a good cleanse. Maybe I have a big head so my face has more surface area than most.

It’s a very light lotion-like texture. I work the product onto damp skin and give my face a little massage with it. It glides on really smoothly. I rinse it off either with lukewarm water (in the AM) or a warm wet washcloth (in the PM) if I want some extra exfoliation. The end result is clean, comfortable and incredibly soft skin. I think it is a wonderful gentle cleanser for all skin types, and will definitely repurchase next time I'm in a #TreatYoSelf mood. Sadly it's too expensive to keep on hand year-round for how short the lifespan is but the quality of its ingredients warrant the high $64 price tag.

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