My (self-controlled) MAC Friends & Family sale order :)

As most of you already know, MAC's summer friends & family sale is upon us (offer code SUMO, valid in USA & Canada only, as far as I know, for 25% off your entire order until June 18th).
I still remember the damage of the friends and family sale they had this winter - I had 3 packages shipped within a week, yikes. So, this time I decided to take it easy.
My shopping cart was fluctuating throughout the day, I originally wanted to buy more eyeshadows and another 15 pan palette, as well as the 134, 109 and 129 brushes, along with some skincare products.
The total of all the things I wanted literally made me cringe and I closed the window of my internet browser in shame. I really don't need all this stuff. I have a ton of eyeshadows I barely use, I'm happy with my current blush brush so why the need for the 129, and my skincare routine is just fine.
Also, I got a new bronzer brush a few days ago from Shopper's Drug Mart and I really love it. It's by a brand named Quo, which had a 40% off brush sale last week. I ended up paying $14 for a super soft brush that has a very similar shape to MAC's 134. $14 versus $62 (Canadian Dollars)? I think Quo wins.
So after much deliberation, I opted for only 3 things from this sale - here is a snapshot of my cart:

I skipped Grand Duos this year for some reason, and sometimes I wish my Benefit Hoola bronzer wasn't as matte as it is, so Earth to Earth seemed like it would be a cool thing to brush on the cheekbones after bronzer for a bit of a glow.
There really is no explanation as to why I wanted to get the infamous 109... I wanted to see what the fuss is all about, although I'm not looking forward to the shedding.
As for the strobe cream, I had it a while ago and used it all, and I really liked the effect of it but I never repurchased because I thought it was expensive for what it provided. This seemed like an opportune moment to enjoy it again!

So this is my Friends and Family order experience. I'm rather pleased with not going crazy and ordering a slew of things that I don't need. I'm traveling to Europe next month so I'd rather put my money towards that trip :)
What will you all enjoy from this sale?
I hope everyone has a great week!
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