A Product Rave: Lush Tea Tree Water Toner

Just a quick post this afternoon about one of my favourite products at the moment. It looks unimpressive and smells a bit strange (like medication, in a way), but this toner is great! My skin has never looked this nice and the only thing I've done differently is add this in my routine. My breakouts are less frequent (from 5-7 in a week to 1-3), it isn't drying and it doesn't sting. It's quite pricy, I paid about $10 (incl. tax) for the little bottle and it barely lasted a month. The bigger bottle is a better value so I'll be getting that in the next couple of days. I just wasn't sure if I would like it and opted for the small bottle to start.

Anyways, if you are on the market for a new toner and you have combination-oily, acne-prone skin like me, give this a try! I spray it on a cotton pad and wipe it on my face, or sometimes I spray it directly on my face after cleansing and apply moisturizer right away and it just glides on... sometimes I do both. I have found that my skin is significantly more balanced and not as extremely oily in spots; any dry flaky parts just go away after I apply this.

Have you ever tried this? Please feel free to share below.
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