Claw Of The Day: Dior 155 Tutu Nail Polish

I couldn't resist to pain this baby on as soon as I got it in the mail. The nail polish in question is Dior #155 "Tutu". It came out in the Spring 2013 Cherie Bow collection but for some reason in America it was not released (as far as I know, only Rosy Bow and Gris Trianon were sold in all the displays I saw). It later became available as a Neiman Marcus exclusive shade, part of the "Pink Champagne Collection". Confusing, right?

Long story short - I bought it from Neimans and I love it.  I painted my nails with it ASAP last week, no top coat, no base coat. Just two rushed coats of Tutu and I was out the door. This photo is of my nails a full 5 days later. No chipping, no scuffing, and minimal tip wear. Application was a breeze. 

Dior nail polishes have a slightly thicker tapered brush so if you are careful it literally only takes one stroke to coat the nail. This polish could have probably used a third coat for total opacity but I cannot rave about it enough. Finally a pastel pink that's not a pain in the ass *cough* OPI Mod About You and Essie Fiji - I'm lookin' at you!

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