Favourite Weekend Outfits

As summer's coming to en end (boo), I'm enjoying the sleeveless breezy pieces in my wardrobe as much as possible. Last year's September was HOT, so if this year follows suit I can hang on to these pieces just a little longer. Here are my favourite weekend outfits from the past month:

TOP:  H&M  | BELT:  GUCCI  | TROUSERS:  ZARA (similar)  | SHOES:  WINNERS (similar)

TOP: H&M | BELT: GUCCI | TROUSERS: ZARA (similar) | SHOES: WINNERS (similar)

Never met a black tank top I didn't love. This one from H&M works for me year-round. I wear it under dark blouses and knitwear in the winter time and it works by itself tucked into high waisted bottoms in the summer time. They're around $5.00, are form fitting but flattering, and come in multiple colours. I have it in white and gray as well!

School Is In Session

This outfit reminds me of something I'd wear to class back in the day (minus the designer labels 'cause your girl didn't have the budget for it). A crisp white shirt and distressed denim is a combination I've been loving for years... there's just something about the juxtaposition of something so proper against destroyed denim. My top is from The Row and I got lucky to score it from a consignment store at a deep discount - consignment and thrift shopping is something I've gotten more involved in this year and I love it. It certainly takes more patience sifting through a lot of messy shelves, but there are treasures to be found at great prices.

DRESS:  H&M  | SANDALS:  HERMES (similar)


This dress is still available and I have been wearing it TONS this summer. It's just so easy to wear. I've worn it on weekends, running errands, to work with a blazer on top and some black flats, on a date night... basically any occasion save for something more formal. I am excited to think of ways to style it in the fall. It's calf length on me and I'm 5'5" tall, for reference. It also washes well in the washing machine (gentle cycle, cold water, hang to dry) and didn't need to be ironed. Win!

TOP:  COS (similar)  | BELT:  GUCCI  | TROUSERS:  WINNERS (similar)  | SHOES:  WINNERS (similar)

TOP: COS (similar) | BELT: GUCCI | TROUSERS: WINNERS (similar) | SHOES: WINNERS (similar)

DAy To Night

The bare bones of this outfit are easy to wear to work - just add a blazer or a long cardigan and some lower heels or a pair of loafers and we're good to go! I fell in love over this pair of pants from Winners last month and they had to come home with me. They're by the brand Tahari and they had a matching blazer but unfortunately none of them were in my size. I love the fabric and the pattern and I've seen them at two of my local Winners stores so definitely pop in at your local store if you're interested as they might have some in stock! Aside from second-hand shopping, I also love discount department stores. Winners, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx often carry some of my favourite brands at more purse-friendly prices. 

My tank top is 8 years old and still going strong - I bought it from COS, which is like H&M's slightly more luxe and pared back older sister. They make great basics that truly stand the test of time. 

I found that as I get older, I make less impulse purchases. I used to go to the mall on my lunch break once a week and always leave with something. I now maybe shop once a month, or less. I browse more than I actually buy. Shopping for clothing is not that deep but as I think about the waste created by the industry I can't help but want to change my behaviour and be more considerate of what I buy. I try to make sustainable choices whenever I can, and while I still shop at fast fashion stores from time to time, no matter the purchase I always try to ask myself "can I think of at least 5 different occasions/ways to wear this item?" and only if the answer is yes, I add it to my cart.