Giving In To The Sparkle

Looking for shimmer, glitter, more shimmer and some metallic sheen, perhaps?
You've come to the right place.

While I am enamoured with matte and satin eyeshadow textures during the bulk of the year, I like to let loose during the holiday season and into the new year by embracing the sparkle. Nothing gets me more excited than a new sparkling taupe and gold eyeshadow to add to my collection. It makes getting through January that much more tolerable.

Here are some of my favourites from past seasons to current ones:

Burberry "Gold Touch"   (Limited Edition 2016)

Burberry "Gold Touch" (Limited Edition 2016)

CHANEL "New Moon" , DIOR "Infinity" (Limited Edition) ,   Clarins "Silver Ivory"

CHANEL "New Moon", DIOR "Infinity" (Limited Edition), Clarins "Silver Ivory"

And now for a swatch party:

Nude Beach, Pain au Chocolat, New Moon, Infinity, Silver Ivory

Nude Beach, Pain au Chocolat, New Moon, Infinity, Silver Ivory

It was hard to capture the beauty of some of these in the natural light with my camera. Subtle suspended glitter particles are at their best when observed with the naked eye, once light hits them at the right angle. It's part of the allure of glitter and part of the reason I gotta catch all the taupe bronze shadows I can get my hands on. From left to right above we have bareMinerals Nude Beach, L'Oreal Colour Riche Mono Eyeshadow in Pain au Chocolat, Chanel New Moon, Dior Infinity and Clarins Silver Ivory.

Pain au Chocolat (second from left) is a smooth purple taupe that goes insanely well with brown eyes. Dior Infinity (second from right) is a bit of a love/hate for me because the formula itself (Dior Fusion Mono) is not great. I don't think I will be buying or recommending the formula again anytime soon but Infinity is one of those special eyeshadows that strikes the perfect balance between gold, taupe and bronze. 

Nude Beach, Pain au Chocolat, New Moon, Infinity, Silver Ivory

Nude Beach, Pain au Chocolat, New Moon, Infinity, Silver Ivory

Chanel New Moon (third from left), in particular, was the trickiest to capture. In some lights it's cool toned, some lights it's sparkly, some lights it's warm and plum. The formula is not my favourite - it's part of the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre lineup - but I deal with it because the colour is out of this world. This was released in a couple of limited edition collections in 2015 but it is still in stock on the Nordstrom site so I suggest you snag it while it's still around!
The consistently coolest of the bunch is Clarins Silver Ivory (first from right) - in the fantastic Ombre Iridescente formula that I urge you to try if you haven't already. It boasts a cream-to-powder formula similar to that of the Burberry Eye Colour Creams, but it's a bit airier, more pigmented and drier in texture. It genuinely reminds me of a tightly pressed pigment albeit incredibly finely milled. If you are a fan of MAC Patina but want to upgrade in terms of formula, Clarins Silver Ivory is a welcomed addition to your makeup collection.


Nude Beach by bareMinerals has been in my collection for AGES and I am barely making a dent in it. It's a loose pigment formula which is its only downfall. It's messy but boy does it deliver. It's a gorgeous ivory laced with pink and the ever-so-subtle microglitters in it make it a dazzling inner corner highlight. I always reach for this for parties or special occasions, paired with a smoky taupe eye and a nude lip.

Last but not least, the golds. Midas got nothin' on this hand. The golds in this edit are also the creamiest of the cream shadows. The darker shade to your left is Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick formula in the shade Gilded Gold. I got this in a gift set and was not sure if I would like it since it's unlike any other gold in my collection. It almost has an olive undertone running through it. On the eye, it's magical. I get so many compliments on my eye makeup when I wear it, and it's the easiest look ever: just slap on a warm brown in the crease, draw Gilded Gold on my eyelid, add some brown eyeliner and I'm good to go. On occasion if I want an extra hit of dimension I add just a touch of Burberry Gold Touch (pictured below to the right) and blend it at the very center of the eyelid and inner corner.

Burberry Gold Touch is unlike the other cream eyeshadow offerings in Burberry's range. It's wetter, more lightweight, and is designed to be multipurpose. It's easy to pack on the punch or to sheer it out. You can use it as eyeshadow or as a universal highlighter on the face and lips. I've so far only used it on the eyes but the formula is incredibly easy to work with and the gold holiday packaging is to die for. 

What are your glitzy eyeshadow must-haves?