Do The Funnel Neck

Do The Funnel Neck

I never funneled a beer in college but I sure do like to funnel now! Funnel neck sweaters, that is. I'm sorry for that terrible joke. 

Alas, it's funnel neck sweater season and Topshop does it best. I actually picked up this grey number (along with pink and white ones) last season and am happy to see that this season the funnel neck sweater game is even STRONGER. I might have to scoop up a few more pieces.

topshop funnel neck

I've been loving grey sweaters this month because I don't have to lint-roll them (so lazy, I know) and they make the perfect canvas for any outfit. I went super casual today as I browsed some local shops and tried to control my urge of buying another succulent. 

Black skinny jeans are from J Brand and sneakers are from Diemme. Ridiculously comfortable.  

You can't go wrong with a funnel neck sweater this season. It's a cool update to the traditional turtleneck. Hair tuck optional.