Rolling in the deep (wine colored nail polishes)

Once October rolls around it is almost guaranteed that the only colors gracing my awkward claw hands are those that resemble various glasses of red wine. My current nail polish rotation consists of:


Nails Inc. Nailkale Holland Walk - the newest and most worn of the bunch. I love this polish in terms of application (opaque in 1 coat, excellent brush) but word of warning: it does chip after 3 days. This is a deep burgundy with a hint of purpose.


Essie Wicked – a touch darker and less purple in undertone than Holland Walk. I am not as crazy about Essie as I once was but this polish is solid. Two coats for an even, opaque finish and an average of 5 days of wear. The name is super cute, too, reminding me of Halloween.


Chanel Vendetta was my very first Chanel nail polish purchase so it will always have a special place in my heart. It’s a dark cool-toned purple with subtle shimmer. Opaque in one coat. Unfortunately the fairytale ends the next day when you wake up and see it chipped after not even a mere 24 hours of wear.


OPI Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ lies in between Holland Walk and Wicked. A perfect BBQ sauce shade. It’s a lovely balance of dark red and purple, and is perhaps the most long lasting of the bunch. 


OPI Lincoln Park After Dark is perhaps the most famous of the bunch and no fall/winter season nail polish post is complete without it. I even wear it on my toes in the summer for a sophisticated, defined look. It's a dark warm aubergine colour that can almost look black in some light. I adore it and if you do not have this in your collection yet, it's a must!

What are your favorite nail polishes of the season?

PS: photographing these shades is a pain in the *** but you know what I mean. Deep wine shades instantly give your hands a chic makeover. Snatch one up this season if you haven't already :)

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