Dolce & Gabbana The Lipstick: Cosmopolitan

I blame this one all on Tayler. She posted about it on Instagram a few weeks ago and I immediately caved. I had never purchased anything from D&G before (aside from fragrance) so for me to just dive in and buy it without ever seeing it in real life was quite out of character. I'm usually one of those annoying people that eternally mulls over a purchase before committing to it.

Dolce & Gabbana The Cream Classic Lipstick #420 Cosmopolitan

Dolce & Gabbana The Cream Classic Lipstick #420 Cosmopolitan

Anyway, it came in the mail (retails for $32 at Sephora) and it's the classic cream lipstick formula from Dolce & Gabbana Beauty in shade #420 "Cosmopolitan". It's a gorgeous opaque formula that reminds me of the YSL Rouge Voluptes but with not as much slip. The colour is a beautiful coral. On my complexion it leans a bit on the orange side which I welcome with open arms. You can easily sway it to the pink side with the addition of a gloss on top. The lipstick formula wears well (an easy 4-5 hours without touchups) and fades nicely without drying my lips out. The finish is satin, so it leaves a hint of sheen on the lips, making them look a bit fuller.

It's not a traditional Fall/Winter shade by any means but when the weather outside is frightful and your skin starts to look a bit sallow no matter what foundations and powders you throw on, there's nothing that perks things up like a brighter lipstick! This sits right on the cusp so it's not too "in your face" bright. It's still daytime appropriate and I have even worn it to work a few times without giving anyone a heart attack.

The only downside is that it smells like granny flowers. If you recall the scent of the classic Lancôme lipsticks or the Burberry ones, these have a similar old floral type of scent which I personally am not a big fan of. Alas, the colour is a beauty so we'll let it slide this time.