Happy New Year!!!

I'd like to thank you all so much for the amazing support and kindness over the last year. 2104 was a big year for me, full of changes and growth on both a personal and professional level. I put together a new website that I am super happy with and I've been working hard to put out better, higher quality footage on YouTube which you've all been loving! Thanks again for sticking around and I'm looking forward to a New Year! On to the beauty products...

I wanted this 2014 beauty favorites video to be a bit different from my previous ones (I'm sure you can all guess my favorites since I don't shut up about them) so I invited my friend Dena to share her favorites from the year as well! Dena is an amazing woman, she's been one of my closest friends for years and we both share a passion for makeup and fashion. She has incredible style and just started a fashion blog not too long ago called Creatures of Mercy.

Here are some closer photos of our favorite beauty products this year, along with prices and places to buy them: