Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Powder

Face powders come in many forms - there's loose, there's pressed, mineral, powder foundations, translucent, oh my! I have tried every format of face powder under the sun but one that I come back to time and time again is a powder foundation in pressed, compact form. I just find it to be the most versatile for my needs - adds a bit of coverage, easy to take along in a makeup bag, banishes shine.

I almost never wear powder foundation alone these days (I think I've been traumatized by too many years of wearing MAC Studio Fix) but powder foundation remains my favourite way of setting makeup when I want the most flawless, polished look. Enter my most recent discovery from Guerlain: the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Powder Foundation.

The compact is absolutely gorgeous. It's substantial enough to house a mirror that is super handy, but at the same time it's still rather thin and sleek so it can fit into your handbag easily. It comes with a sponge (which I don't use because I prefer using a brush) and I got the shade 02 Beige Claire.

It has the same fragrance as the liquid Guerlain foundation and it's pretty strong. If you are sensitive to fragrance you definitely will not like this. The scent does fade away within minutes after application, though. The colour is a great match for my light-medium skin with slight yellow undertones. What's really awesome is that the colour does not oxidize at all on my oily skin. It's an incredibly finely milled powder and it glides over the skin effortlessly. It's the least "powdery" feeling powder foundation I've ever tried.

So, where does it fall short? Longevity. It does break down and look a bit strange around my oily T-zone, but that's nothing that some blotting powder and a touch-up can't fix. I don't like using this as a foundation by itself because I don't like the way it looks on textured areas/blemishes. If you don't have those issues, you can easily wear this alone and take advantage of the lightweight feel and medium coverage. If you use a fluffy brush, you can get a light coverage. 

All in all, this is an awesome powder foundation. I wish it came with a little brush instead of a sponge and that the price tag was less traumatizing (*gulp* $66) but if you're a regular powder foundation wearer or if you like a versatile touch-up powder, you have to hop on over to Sephora or your nearest Guerlain counter and give this a try!

You can also watch my review of the liquid version of this foundation here: