Solutions for Fine, Thinning Hair: Phyto Phytodensium Serum

2014 has definitely taken its toll on my hair. Not only was this the year I got my first set of grey hairs *insert all the crying emojis here*, but it also got considerably thinner. I have fine hair to begin with, so I really did not need any more thinning. Oh, and to add a cherry on my lame cake - my hair also stopped growing. I look fondly at old videos/pictures of me from 2010-2011 and my hair that went all the way over my chest. Nowadays it seems to just stop above the boob area and it will go no further. It's like that big wall from Game Of Thrones, keeping hair growth away.

Note: I tried taking Biotin since that's a supplement known to aid in hair growth but it broke me out in terrible cystic acne so I had to stop taking it.

I've been frantically searching the internet for magical potions and solutions to my problem. In the end I purchased a serum by Phyto that was geared towards hair with all my concern: Phyto Phytodensium Serum for thinning, aging, lifeless hair. It promises to bring back density and to slow the aging/greying of hair.

Phyto Phytodensium

Phyto Phytodensium

It comes in this beautiful frosted glass bottle with a pipette applicator. The consistency of the serum is super watery. It smells like apple juice. Sometimes I'm convinced that I'm just applying fermented apple juice to the roots of my hair instead of a fancy hair serum but alas, I keep going.

This serum is applied on clean, damp hair, massaging into the roots and throughout the hair. You leave it in and proceed to style as usual. It is completely undetectable in the hair once you massage it in and it does not interfere with styling or weigh the hair down. This is great since if you have fine hair you know how hard it is to find products that don't leave unpleasant residues that weigh the hair down.

I've been using it for just over 2 months now and I'm halfway through the bottle and I have to say that I do feel that my hair is growing in to be more dense. I am not losing nearly as much hair as I did before and I'm excited about this! As for the "age-defying" properties - meh. My grays are still there and they're still multiplying. I think that has a lot more to do with genetics and it's sadly not something a serum can stop.

If you have fine, thinning hair and biotin didn't agree with your skin - give Phyto Phytodensium a try! I purchased it from Sephora and the range is widely available at many retailers.