I am trying to be more diligent with the addition of Vitamin C to my skincare regime. Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid, as it is known in the science world, is a wonderful antioxidant that helps prevent aging and works to give you a brighter complexion. It is highly recommended especially to those of us who are battling acne scars/sun spots/skin discolorations. So, like a good little skincare nerd, I've been trying to incorporate it into my everyday skincare routine. My first ever Vitamin C product was the exorbitantly priced Chantecaille Vital Essence. I was 21 when I used that product and although I went through a couple of bottles and enjoyed the texture of it, I didn't notice a considerable enough result to continue using it. 

Vitamin C then faded away from my memory until last year. I started using the Paula's Choice C15 booster but since that serum contained the liquid form of Vitamin C, it meant that it was highly unstable and my bottle quickly went rancid after a couple of months. I also did not like the texture of that serum. I decided to replace it with a powder form of the ingredient: Miracle 10 Super C

I've been using it for a week both morning and night by adding a tiny scoop of the powder to whatever serum/moisturizer I use and I can already notice an improvement in the appearance of my skin. The ratio recommended is 1 part Vitamin C powder to 4 parts serum/moisturizer. Not only is the powder more stable than a liquid vitamin C serum, but you can instantly transform any of your favourite moisturizers or serums into a Vitamin C powerhouse without adding an extra layer of product! The powder dissolves instantly once you mix it in (I mix in the palm of my hands) and it doesn't alter the texture of the product you mix it with. You can make your own Vitamin C powder by crushing up actual pills or by using a pre-made powder like I am - there are a ton of possibilities! Amazon

Philosophy sell a similar version called Turbo Booster C Powder but they charge $46 for 0.25 oz of product. The Miracle 10 version I am currently using was sent to me for consideration and retails for $92 for 0.5 oz of product. It is really great but the price is too high. You can save money by either crushing your own or buying it in powder form from Amazon for about $10 (link here) :)

That's what I'll be doing next! Have you incorporated Vitamin C into your skincare routine yet?