2015 Beauty Resolutions


I love the start of a new year. It's a great thing to sit back and reflect on all that has transpired in a year and to feel like you have a fresh new page to fill for the year to come. I know that if you truly want to make a change, you can start anytime and you should start as soon as possible (that tends to be my approach when it comes to personal matters) but there's just something about a fresh new calendar/planner and the start of a new year that makes me eager to get more organized and makes me yearn for increased productivity. Did that paragraph make any sense?

Here are the beauty-related goals I strive to achieve this year:

  • use up more products
    Although sometimes I feel like I'm the only beauty blogger/YouTuber that actually uses up the things she talks about, I could be better at this. I'm especially guilty of hoarding skincare (moisturizers and cleansers seem to be magically multiplying in my cupboards each month) and this year my goal is to USE IT UP. If something doesn't work for me, pass it on to a friend or family member whose skin type it will be more suitable to. I have gotten better at the one in/one out policy over the last year (I even tried filming a different haul video format) but I feel like there's room for improvement.
  • stick to a more regular upload/post schedule
    YouTube and blogging has been a hobby I am passionate to keep up and while putting up 2 videos a week and a blog post every day would be amazing, it just simply isn't a realistic goal for me. I work full time already and I don't ever want my content to feel forced. I think one video and three posts a week is a good goal to set for myself in this coming year and I hope you will enjoy the content. I have loved getting more creative with my videos and I hope to continue challenging myself this year.
  • stay true to myself and to you
    I buy 99% of the things I review and talk about with my own money and I genuinely love and use everything I ever recommend. That will never change. I want to keep my little corner of the internet as honest and transparent as possible. I love the core aspect of the online beauty community: people from all over the world sharing  their personal beauty tips and experiences - real women from different walks of life, with different careers, different family structures, etc. That's always what it's been about for me and that's what I strive to continue bringing to the table. 
  • if I don't like a product
    If I don't like something, I am going to tell you without the fear of making a PR firm butthurt. I think in a sea of rave reviews and favourite videos it's so easy to get lost in the hype and enchantment of seemingly awesome new products. Generally if I don't like something I just pass it on and don't talk about it, but I feel like I should actually write a post or do a video and share my thoughts instead. Maybe a monthly disappointments post? Let me know if it's something you'd be interested in reading!
  • fill out the review form when I buy stuff from Sephora
    It's funny how much I rely on the star rating of products on the Sephora website when I contemplate buying things, and I also always skim through the reviews and comments of people who have bought the products... I should contribute to it too! So next time Sephora sends out that e-mail asking me to let them know how I liked the products I purchased, I am going to take the time and put in my two cents. I encourage you to do the same! 
  • more lifestyle posts!
    PR Companies won't be sending me to Tulum to review vacations anytime soon, but I love reading other bloggers' travel posts or just general lifestyle posts from time to time. I want to do one a month where I just keep you guys in the loop of any music I'm into, or let you know about any delicious food I've been cooking, or travel/life updates in general. I like feeling that personal connection with the people I follow and while I don't and never will do vlogs (trust me, I tried and I hated myself every second of it) I think a monthly catch-up post will be nice.

I hope that you are having a great start to this new year. I have a cracked windshield and a check engine light that just turned on in my car... so things could be better on that front *facepalm* but I will see you around more often with new posts :)