Unimpressed: Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream

Because it can't be all fun and happy *runs into the sunset holding product* moments around here, I thought I would dedicate today's post to a product that was really... unimpressive. I went through 2 generous sample sizes of the product to make up my mind (the full sized jar costs $90) and the consensus is HELLZ NO.

The culprit is the Overnight Restorative Cream from Algenist. Algenist is a brand that, akin to La Mer, claims to have a super secret ingredient devised from Algae - "Alguronic Acid" that has extraordinary beneficial properties for the skin. Are these ingredients scientifically proven to be effective? Nah.

At any rate - there are some Algenist products that I loved (their Eye Balm, for example) but this just isn't one of them. I found the cream to be heavy, almost waxy in texture, not easy to blend and it sat uncomfortably on top of the skin without sinking in or providing any feeling of hydration or relief. It just felt kinda greasy. It didn't smell like anything, which I appreciate, but aside from that I really can't find anything I enjoyed about using this product. Now, mind you, this product was designed for dry skins. I have oily/combination skin but do suffer from occasional dryness during the winter. I have used moisturizers for dry skin before and have had very positive results - this just wasn't one of them. 

What are your most recent skincare disappointments?