Remember when I dubbed 2015 as "the year of nailpolish" for me? Let's change that to the year of hands in general. I go through phases with jewelry but generally take a very minimalistic approach. I like the statement necklace here and there and when I find a bracelet that fits my skeletor wrist I buy it, but for the most part for me rings are where it's at. I like them to be either really dainty or weird & different. Here's what I'm eyeing at the moment:

1. Dainty Pieces

For dainty rings, Etsy is my first choice. One seller in particular that I have ordered from a couple of times is Sweet Olive Jewelry. She is based in the USA and hand-makes beautiful, simple pieces that I never take off, like the simple thin silver pieces in the photo above.

If you want to step up your dainty ring game and add some diamonds (you fancy, huh?) then the first thing I think of is Catbird NYC. I've been known to drool over their vintage-style engagement ring section several times. Is that weird? Maybe.

2. Weird/Cool Rings

Three words: Paula Mendoza Jewelry (honourable mentions go to Joomi Lim, Jennifer Fisher and Alexis Bittar). I'll just let the images speak for themselves. 

What floats your jewelry boat?