The Candle Of My Dreams

*sniff sniff* I think this is what heaven smells like.

I'm turning into a "candle person" and it's not something that I thought would happen. Sure I went through a brief Bath and Body Works phase a few years back (those buy 2 for 50% off deals are addictive) but all those pastry smells did not translate well into my household. The floral/tropical ones were always off and smelled too artificial.

This new wave of candle-loving has been slowly building up with the help of the Henri Bendel Gardenia candle, which was a solid favourite for most of 2013. It's a light airy floral that is perfectly suited for spring/summer evenings. Then came PF Candle Co Teakwood & Tobacco which still makes me lose my sh*t when I burn it. It has a sexy woodsy scent and while it's more masculine and winter-appropriate, it's not overwhelming by any means. Honourable mentions go to PF Candle Co Gardenia & Coconut, Fig & Jasmine, Sweet Grapefruit and Lavender.

Check all those ^ out if you're in the mood to spruce up your home. My current favourite, however, is by a brand that I am mostly unimpressed by: Malin+Goetz. I like the aesthetic and the fragrance of their products - they look clean and simple - but the performance of the products themselves is lacklustre and not worthy of their premium price points... UNLESS WE'RE TALKIN' CANDLES:

Malin+Goetz Neroli

Malin+Goetz Neroli

This candle smells so good.  It's sexy, it's fresh, it doesn't smell like other candles. You can burn it year 'round. An hour of burn time makes an entire living room/kitchen open space smell heavenly. You have to try it out.