The (Good) Stinky Stuff

One of the first things I do when trying out a new beauty product is smelling it. I can't help it. The Boyfriend calls me a truffle pig because I'm always smelling stuff in stores. Is that weird? Am I alone here? Are there any other truffle pigs out there?

*cricket noise*

Alas, today's post is about two skincare products in my current regimen that smell absolutely disgusting but they work so well that I am able to get over that fact. 

The culprit on the left is Paula's Choice Resist Weekly Retexturizing Foaming Treatment. This sucker contains 4% BHA in the form of salicylic acid (and y'all know how much I love SA) and is a wonderfully effective product if you are acne prone, have skin on the oily side and you have those pesky areas of congested pores. 

I apply it once or twice a week after cleansing and follow up with a serum/moisturizer or a face oil, depending on my mood and skin situation. SKINTUATION, if you will. It's extremely gentle, doesn't sting or leave a residue behind since it's a light foam, but it stinks. It smells like... rotten eggs. It's seriously gross. But my skin has never been better so hey, I truck on with it.

The second product is the famous Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream. This is a lifesaver during the harsh winter when all skin types suffer from dryness at some point or another. I adore the packaging and I wish all companies did this to their potted products - so nice and sanitary. This cream has a very lightweight texture but don't be fooled - it's hydrating. It can be too much if used too often on oily skins, especially on oily acne-prone skins. 

It's loaded with natural lactic acid to help improve skin texture, too. I only use it about once or twice a week during the winter time if I want to give my skin a boost and to get rid of dry patches. Also, it smells like goats. Literally it smells like an entire herd of goats are grazing on your face. I find it really gross but many women out there don't mind it, so maybe it's just my truffle pig nose playin' tricks on me. 

How do you feel about stinky products? Are you a scent freak or do you agree that sometimes the stinky stuff can get carte blanche if it performs well enough?