Love At First (foot) Scrub

I have the most ticklish feet on the planet. I got a professional pedicure twice in my life and almost kicked the technician in the face. Alas, pedicures just aren't my thing. I'm a DIY girl through and through. I like the solitary "at-home-spa" experience. With spring on the horizon, I thought it was time to take my feet from Hobbit status back to "sandal appropriate" territory. Enter the FIG+YARROW Alpine Pumice Foot Treatment:

Can you hear the angels singing? This is an incredible product that harnesses the power of a foot scrub, foot cream and a pumice stone. Their PR company kindly sent me the travel size to try, and it was love at first scrub.

I applied about a tablespoon of the product to both my feet after getting out of the bath/shower, and scrubbed away like a mad lady. It felt awesome. Like an emollient sandpaper. It has a pleasant herbal/eucalyptus scent and after rinsing the product off, my feet were the softest they have every been. I'm talkin' professional pedicure kind of soft. You can buy the travel size 2oz jar for $18 or the full size for $32. Their web store is currently under renovation but their products are available on Amazon and at Birchbox, in the meantime. I will be sure to buy the full size once it runs out because this beats kicking the pedicure technician in the face, any day! If you're a fellow Professional Pedicure Avoider like me, you have to try this. Before this, I was a fan of LUSH Ocean Salt scrub but this blows it out of the water.