I get questions on YouTube along the lines of "what do you ask for at the hair salon?". The answer is - I don't ask, I show. I hoard photos from random websites I stumble upon, screenshots from Instagram, etc. It's important that when you do hunt for pictures to show your stylist, you try to find pictures of people whose natural hair color/texture is similar to yours. I think it makes it a lot easier that way - both to reel in your expectations and to gauge what would look good on  you. There's no point for me to show my stylist pictures of Anja Rubik's hair since she is naturally blonde, has blue eyes and naturally light brows. The outcome just wouldn't be realistic. I try to look for people with similar natural hair/eyebrows has me, and go from there. Here are the hair colors that have grabbed my attention lately:

What is your hair inspiration? 

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