Captain Blankenship Blue Chamomille & Lemon Oil Cleanser

Sometimes I get bored of my bland gentle drugstore face cleanser (note: I use the CeraVe Hydrating cleanser if you’re curious). Sometimes I wake up and my skin is like “hey, pay more attention to me today!”. On those mornings I’ve been reaching for the new little beauty in my skincare drawer: the Blue Chamomille & Lemon Oil Cleanser from Captain Blankenship
Yes, an oil cleanser in the mornings! It claims to be effective at makeup removal too but with the layers of slap I’ve been wearing on my face lately, I did not find it effective for makeup removal so I have been using it in the mornings (and loving it) instead!

The bottle is made of glass and has a pump dispenser. I apply couple of pumps of this faint yellow oil on my dry face and massage it in for a few good minutes. This improves the circulation in my face and gets me going in the morning. The scent is a sweet lemon scent, it’s very natural and non offensive. This product is organic – in fact most of Captain Blankenship’s products are vegan and all natural. 
It doesn’t get milky or emulsify when it comes in contact with water, so it is not like the oil makeup removers I was used to. I found the most effective way of removing the oil was to use a warm washcloth. Once I rinse it off my skin is left feeling clean and nourished, ready to start the day! 
What’s your go to morning cleanser recently?

*Note: this product was sent to me for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own.