Dainty Layers

I always admired ladies with impeccably stacked jewelry. I’ve been so boring when it comes to jewelry – most of the time you see me with a single gold chain that I’ve had since I was 12 years old. 
*Note: I get asked about it all the time and the closest recommendation I can make is searching “liquid gold chain” on Etsy and see if you find something that suits your needs. 

My thin gold chain was getting lonely. I paired it with a choker here and there (these dainty chokers are my favourite, also from Etsy) but I was missing another high quality everyday layering piece that I can leave on and never take off.  A few months ago I stumbled upon the Hitchcock Madrona YouTube Channel (thank you Cammy for the heads up) and I got so inspired. They’re a jewelry boutique and studio in Seattle and alongside gorgeous jewelry by established designers they also have their own private label of pieces that they make in-house. One of the pieces caught my eye after seeing it on fellow internet ladies Rachel (@ The Beauty Professor) and Vanessa (@ The Bombshell Suite) – the shield necklace. It’s the perfect everyday necklace and exactly what I was looking for:

The Hitchcock Madrona Shield necklace is a delicate solid 18K gold shield with a diamond in the middle (your choice of black or white) on an oxidized sterling silver chain. The shield comes in two sizes – small or large, and I opted for the small since I wanted it to be more delicate. I chose a white diamond for that extra sparkle. I love the way the oxidized silver chain provides a bit of contrast and it still looks awesome and can pair with both silver OR gold jewelry. 


You can get it on a different chain if you’d like – the staff at Hitchcock Madrona is incredibly kind and helpful. I love that you get to know them by watching their YouTube channel. I highly suggest you check them out if you’re seeking some jewelry inspiration. They sell some of their pieces online and you can always contact them by e-mail if you’re interested in any of the pieces they showcase on their channel. I just saw a video on their new lariats and I’ll be placing an order soon :)

What jewelry pieces have you been obsessed with lately?