My love affair for dry shampoo is well documented. It’s easily one of my to 3 haircare must-haves. I had purchased the Serge Normant Meta-Revive Dry Shampoo (smells incredible and works well) and was contacted by the company afterwards asking me if I’d like to try their dry conditioner too. DRY CONDITIONER? SIGN ME UP.


So here is my experience with Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Conditioner in a nutshell: it’s awesome. It’s what every dry shampoo lover needs. Often times when you dry shampoo your roots to get rid of greasy roots you are left with the ends of your hair looking rather dry and frizzy. The Meta Revive Dry Conditioner gets rid of that problem. It’s an argan oil-infused spray that smells incredible and is totally weightless when you spray it through the ends of your hair. All you feel is incredibly soft and smooth hair. I’ve tried Argan Oil sprays before but since my hair is so fine, they left my hair looking greasy. This dry conditioner leaves no greasy residue.

I’m so happy to have this in my arsenal. Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Conditioner retails for $25 and can be purchased online at Birchbox,, Nordstrom or Amazon


After such positive experiences with this haircare brand, I’m eyeing up their Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray next!

What are your go-to hair products to refresh your style when you're in a rush?