Grown Alchemist - Skin & Body Care Haul

Grown Alchemist - Skin & Body Care Haul

The Dude and I ordered a copious amounts of skincare/body care products last month and I saw it as the perfect opportunity to share my first impressions with you on a relatively new brand – Grown Alchemist.
Grown Alchemist is an all natural organic and cruelty-free skincare brand from Australia. It reminds me of Aesop in terms of product aesthetics and selection. It looks really cool and masculine, which The Dude really appreciates. We bought the Damask Rose shampoo & conditioner set, a body lotion, body wash, cream cleanser, hydrating facial mist, a face mask, lip balm and a complimentary hand cream! Yay! So  much stuff!

First things first – with it being from Australia, shipping took a while. 2-3 weeks to be exact. The price point isn’t too bad if you’re Australian, however when we converted to the US site, stuff was more expensive. So just beware which site you browse as the dollars may be different.

I've gotten to try everything several times so I feel like I can give an accurate overview. Some of the skincare products are still being tested (expect their own posts soon). My honest first impression was that everything smells weird. Not bad weird, but just weird. Herbal but not floral or sweet in any way. It’s very subtle and masculine. The face wash smells a bit like gasoline, which perplexes me. I absolutely love the shampoo and conditioner. They’re sulfate free but at the same time leave my hair feeling incredibly clean and soft which is hard to find in a sulfate free range. The Chamomille Bergamot & Rosewood body wash was okay but you have to use a lot of product to get a good clean. I wouldn’t repurchase. The Mandarin & Rosemary body lotion is nice but again, nothing special that would warrant a repeat splurge. 

However, the Watermelon & Vanilla lip balm is wonderful. It smells delicious and while it isn’t more hydrating than your average Nivea lip balm, it’s still special enough to repurchase and it's free of mineral oil. The Desert Lime & Amino Peptide Hydra Mist spray is great and my boyfriend really likes it, too. This was definitely a "fly under the radar" product for me. I wasn't floored by it at first but the more I used it, the more I appreciated it. It doesn't blow your mind with fragrance (like the Caudalie face mist, for example) - but at the same time helps lock in moisture and balance out the skin. My skin was noticeably more balanced and dry patches were absent when this was part of my routine.

So all in all I think that for the price, some of these were disappointing. It wasn't a haul full of winners that I'd rush to repurchase but it is certainly fun and exciting when you find a new brand and get to explore a new range of products. I'd repurchase the Shampoo/Conditioner and the Hydra Mist. We ordered from the Grown Alchemist website but you can also find their products at Cult Beauty, B-glowing or Space NK.

Have you tried anything from Grown Alchemist before?