SandraMolton Brown, Bath

Molton Brown Thermal Muscle Soak

SandraMolton Brown, Bath

I'm trying to like Molton Brown. Trying. The luxury bath & body range has gorgeous packaging and so many amazing scent combinations that are meant to please a variety of tastes. I like that they have quite a few more masculine/unisex fragrance options than most luxury body care brands I've used. This product, however, fell short: Molton Brown Bracing Silverbirch Thermal Muscle Soak.

It smells nice - just a basic fresh herbal scent that isn't particularly strong or unique. It makes your water bright green, which is really cool. That's about it. Aside from making your bath water look really pretty, the scent doesn't linger/is not special enough to warrant a repurchase. I also found that it made the water feel really hard and almost drying, in a way. At any rate, I think I will stick to Herbivore Botanicals and RICA bath salts, for now.

What's your favourite bath soak?