If you watch my vlogs you will already have seen this mask in action. I got to try it again this week (you get 5 in a pack) and I have decided that this mask is not for me.
Which mask? The Bliss No Zit Sherlock Rubberizing Mask.

I like the name of it, I like that it comes with 5 individually packaged masks and all the tools you need for mixing, I like the concept… but it lacks in performance and it’s really messy to use.
You get an envelope with the dry powder mix to which you add 1 scoop of water. You mix it all up with the enclosed wooden stick and then apply it to your face.

Within 15-20 minutes the mask starts to dry into a rubbery texture that you can just peel off your face in one swoop. It has a very medicinal scent. Once you peel it off, the skin does look more refreshed and even, but the effects are not long lasting. After about an hour I looked exactly the same, albeit with cleaner-feeling skin.

A packet produces more than enough for 1 mask, but not quite enough for two masks – so there is a lot of waste. 

I am intrigued by the rubberizing mask idea, but this one fell short and I cannot recommend it. I also think it’s discontinued because I can’t find it anywhere online (I had purchased it from a local spa). Maybe it’s a good thing…

What’s your favorite face mask