This product took off faster than a rocket ship at NASA (lame joke alert). I see it pop up on my Instagram/YouTube feed at least once a week and it has so many rave reviews that it's impossible not to have high expectations of it and at $105, the price tag is high enough to warrant high expectations. So I've been using it in silence for the last couple of months trying to experience the skin miracles everyone has been experiencing. This product claims to diminish fine lines, tighten pores and promote a clear complexion. It is a blue-tinted oil due to the Blue Pansy extract in it, and it also contains retinol esters. It's a gentle retinol-based product (7th ingredient down the list) and the oils are supposed to help counteract the dryness and irritation some sensitive skins may experience with retinol.

So, what's my verdict? Do I like it? I do like it, I found that when I started easing into it and using it only on weekends, I saw no noticeable difference in my skin so I started using it more consistently, working up to nightly use. Did I notice an amazing difference in my skin that I need to shout from the rooftop? No. It's not necessarily the product's fault though. It's a gentle retinol in an oil base.

I think that people with minimal hyperpigmentation and sensitive skin will be really happy with the results. If you have more intense hyperpigmentation from acne or sun damage and more significant fine lines or wrinkles, you will not be floored by this. I have average-sized pores, some fine lines and lots of hyperpigmentation from acne scarring so I fall into the latter category.

This won't give you the same results that you would get from a prescription-strength topical trentinoin cream or a professional-strength acid peel (both of which come at a lower price tag). With that being said, I do appreciate how it combines the two steps of retinol and face oil. It's a smart solution for those who have very sensitive skin and it's easy to just put this on at night rather than layering 3872 different things. It's not as heavy/hydrating as the Sunday Riley Artemis Cellular Face Oil, and sinks in quicker than the likes of Kiehls Advanced Night Repair and Origins Plantscription Face Oil. However, I just can't say that I received better results with this product than with the ones mentioned above, and for the price, it has to be better in order to warrant a repurchase.

What are your thoughts on this product? Have you tried it and seen great results? Do you feel disappointed when you try a much-hyped (and expensive) product and find that it doesn't work as well for you? Skincare is always a tough subject since we all have different skintypes and concerns. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil retails for $105 and can be purchased at Sephora.