The Best Delicate Stud Earrings

The Best Delicate Stud Earrings

I love dainty jewelry. I love it so much. I also love stud earrings. They are easy and feminine. After several years of silver Tiffany & Co studs I finally got sick of them and decided it was time for something new. Something a little more edgy but still simple, dainty and feminine. The Bar Studs by Giantlion are just that. I had been eyeing them for the past year - ever since they popped up in the Anomie store. Every time I was ready to purchase, the particular style I wanted was backordered or sold out, so I decided to wait.


I waited until that fateful day when the stars aligned and a 14k rose gold pair of these earrings was in stock. I clicked, I purchased, and in less than a week I rejoiced when I was able to put them in my ears. They are perfect. Simple, delicate, feminine and interesting enough to stand out when you have your hair up in a bun. I am a happy customer. They are available in sterling silver, yellow gold and rose gold. I have the regular size bars but they do come in a longer option as well. 


I wanted to share these with you if you are a fellow dainty jewelry enthusiast and are on the hunt for a new pair of earrings. These would make an awesome gift for any one of your girl friends, too! Link to them here. Enjoy :)