The Unlikely Neck Cream

It’s so easy to overlook the neck. It’s half covered by the lengths of your hair, never gets a tan and has super thin sensitive skin on it. Most skincare items suggest that you apply them to the face, neck and chest area… but do you really do that? I rarely do, and I disregarded the need for skincare on my neck for many years. However, I’ve been trying to be more diligent in the last few weeks since I have noticed an increase in dehydration lines on my neck and chest. The face on my skin may be oily but that’s not the case for everywhere else!

My solution has been to take a moisturizer that is too heavy for my face and – you guessed it – use it on my neck instead! The cream I’m talking about is by First Aid Beauty and it's their Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream. I did not like this at all on my face but lemme tell you, it’s been an absolute treat on my neck and chest area. It's a thick cream with a slightly spongey texture. It has absolutely no fragrance, which I appreciate. It hydrates and plumps the skin on my neck and chest making it look smooth, soft and supple. All the good S-words! Dehydration lines or any signs of emerging turkey neck are banished by the morning. 
I imagine this is pretty kickass if you have dry skin, as well.

How do you care for your neck? Do you use the same products you use on your face? Are you a Neck Skin Ignorer like I was or do you have a specific “neck cream” that you use (yes those exist!).
*First Aid Beauty kindly sent me this product to review and it did not work on my face. I’m happy that it works for me in other ways and I’m hoping this post inspires you to repurpose your skincare if you can