Things In Tubes 2: Kate Somerville RetASphere Micro Peel

Things In Tubes 2: Kate Somerville RetASphere Micro Peel

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… it’s a peel with both retinol AND glycolic acid in it!

Here comes Kate Somerville busting the old myths that you can’t use an AHA at the same time as retinol. The RetASphere Mirco  Peel contains 10% glycolic acid and retinol in a time-release formula. It’s directed to use at night, every other night. It comes in a tube with a pump dispenser (great for keeping things airtight).

Initially I was disappointed because it felt like the tube was only half filled when I opened the product to use it for the first time. This stuff is expensive! However only one pump is required to cover the entire face.

I don’t use it every other night because I have had some breakouts and I don’t want to use a peel while I have active blemishes on my face. I wait until blemishes have cleared and then I apply this mask at night (after cleansing) and go to sleep. When I wake up I find that it does a tremendous job to help fade away those post-blemish marks. It also claims to help refine pores and fine lines over time due to the retinol.

The Kate Somerville RetASphere Micro Peel doesn’t sting at all upon application and the consistency is of a light cream. One pump is enough to cover the entire face and it spreads evenly without leaving a sticky or greasy residue behind. It sinks into the skin and gets to work. It has a scent that I can’t quite put my finger on… it’s like a mixture of fruity gum and plastic. It’s not an offensive scent by any means but it’s not fantastic either. 

If you’re looking for a gentle overnight skincare treatment that will resurface your skin in a “slow and steady” manner, I think this is a wonderful product to try. If you tried other acid masks before and found them too strong or too irritating, give this one a try. If you’re sensitive and are afraid of acid peels, but you are interested in anti-aging, give this a try. It's $90 and available at Sephora in the USA or at